The Swedish experiences on innovating and implementing eHealth - opportunities and barriers

Daniel Forslund
Health Care Development, Sweden's Innovation Agency VINNOVA
Disse tre budskaber kan deltagerne forvente at få med hjem efter at have hørt indlægget.
Use eHealth as a catalyst for radical change and innovation in the healthcare sector as a tool for patient empowerment!
Systematically identify and address factors preventing the broad uptake and use of eHealth solutions!
Open up the healthcare sector for large scale test beds for innovative technologies and new working methods!

Both Sweden and Denmark are among the leading countries in the world when it comes to an advanced use of eHealth services. As early adopters of IT throughout the healthcare sector, with ambitious eHealth policies and strategies in place and a population with extremely high IT literacy, we should have the best opportunities in the World. But do we use these opportunities to its full potential? How come everything seems to be in place in theory, but not in practice?

In Sweden, the National eHealth Strategy is under implementation since many years, and several measures are now taken to boost the deployment and actual use of all those eHealth services already available. From VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, the focus is now to develop new support measures for Public Sector Innovation. The ambition is to strengthen the innovation capacity among decision makers at all levels in the public sector to make sure that innovation projects in for example the eHealth area is evaluated, disseminated and then implemented on a broad scale. Funding is shifted from development of new technologies towards complex implementation projects that challenge the culture, organization and working methods within the healthcare organizations, but also innovation management and reimbursement systems that promotes the early adopters.

This session will explore and explain some of the measures now taken from VINNOVA in Sweden to boost the opportunities for eHealth and tear down the barriers for innovation in the healthcare sector.