Healthcare DENMARK – national e-sundhed i internationalt perspektiv

Hans Erik Henriksen
Healthcare DENMARK
Disse tre budskaber kan deltagerne forvente at få med hjem efter at have hørt indlægget.
Healthcare DENMARK is a public-private partnership with a national mandate to promote Danish healthcare solutions, state-of-art projects and competencies abroad.
The national and international Healthcare DENMARK network can contribute to Danish e-health and telemedicine projects through exchange of knowledge and experience.
Healthcare DENMARK information and promotion activities can help ensure, that experience from successful projects in Denmark can be utilized to create progress and innovation in similar projects.e

Other participants in the initiative:

Healthcare DENMARK is founded by:

  • The Ministry of Business and Growth
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Danish Regions
  • Region of Sourthern Denmark
  • KMD
  • Falck
  • Systematic
  • COWI

Background and motivation:

Denmark has an international reputation for being in the lead with healthcare and healthcare-IT.

The National Strategy for digitalization of Healthcare 2013-2017, the Danish strategy for Telemedicine and the Danish Government Growth plan for healthcare and welfare, are powerful initiatives, which will contribute to keeping the Danish elite position in the future.

However, it is a prerequisite that we ensure a strong dialogue and knowledge sharing between the leading pilot and development projects, which are key to fulfilling the objectives of the initiatives, and that this is established both on a domestic and international level.


Healthcare DENMARK will contribute to national and international knowledge sharing as the gateway and organizer of foreign delegation visits, to see Danish healthcare solutions and projects in action. In a similar way, Healthcare DENMARK will be involved in Danish delegation visits abroad.

Healthcare DENMARK will work with leading e-health and telemedicine projects in Denmark to ensure that experiences, innovation and knowledge can be used in similar projects. This will be facilitated through foreign delegation visits and/or articles or newsletters.

The presentation:

The presentation will introduce Healthcare DENMARK and present current Healthcare DENMARK activities. This part of the presentation will include the Patientville exhibition concept, which is supported by a broad range of Danish healthcare organisations, hospitals and municipalities.

Healthcare DENMARK 2014 and 2015 plan and activities will be covered in the presenation, with the objective to give the audience a solid overview of how and when they can benefit from Healthcare DENMARK.

The presentation will also present the key innovative and successful e-health projects, which are currently on the Healthcare DENMARK radar, and invite the audience to help identify other important current or future projects, which Healthcare DENMARK should be aware of.